Are you ready to feel good in your body? To feel present and be able to soak up the pleasure in each moment?

No matter how scary your inner or outer worlds get, the truth of pleasure won’t disappear.

However, it can be really challenging to remember that and to actually do the practices you know will help. That’s where “Soothe” comes in. 

"Soothe" is a self-paced online course providing you with structure and accountability to help you return to the pure magic of pleasure and self compassion. Filled with juicy audio, video, and written lessons, insightful journal prompts, guided meditation, bath ritual guide, and so much more. 

Come home to yourself, and embrace the beauty of pleasure.

Hi, I’m Isabella Frappier.

I'm a Pleasure Mentor and Sexual Activist, and a pleasure devotee.

But I wasn't always this way. I used to be stuck in chronic performative pleasure, disconnected from my body and my power source.

It took me years to explore and find the right tools to help discover my true unique sensuality, and reclaim my right to pleasure.

After my radical pleasure awakening I became a Pleasure Mentor, and helped guide other folks back home to themselves.

After supporting so many sexual liberation's in my 1:1 work, it's my immense honor to have created these online courses to help support even more folks on their journey's.

Remember: Because you will receive access immediately after purchase, all sales are final. Make mindful and delicious choices dear ones.

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